SureSmile Clear Aligners

Be confident about more predictable outcomes and reduce frustration associated with the need for refinements during clear aligner treatment – for you and your patients. The fact is:

  • 95% of clinicians agree that having to add a refinement to a Clear Aligner treatment increases chair time and reducing the number of refinements would increase patient satisfaction.2
  • 81% of clinicians agree that they need to manage their patients’ expectations around the length of time it might take to complete the Clear Aligner treatment.2
  • 65% of clinicians agree that refinements to a treatment plan are frustrating.2

With 50% less refinements than other aligners – including the leading brand1 – you can increase profitability with improved chair time and greater patient satisfaction with SureSmile Aligner.



1. Claim based on data analysis of SureSmile®Aligner global refinement rate compared to data reported in the survey of Keim/Vogels/Vogels, 2020 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures (JCO/October 2020, p. 581 et seq.).
2. Survey among 295 U.S. Clear Aligner Clinicians conducted by a third-party market research vendor, 2020. Data on file.

When it comes to clear aligners, treatment time is a major factor for patients when considering case acceptance. Based on a recent survey of clear aligner clinicians regarding Class I cases, the average SureSmile Aligner treatment is three months quicker than for Invisalign®.2

In addition:

  • 92% of clinicians need to over-estimate the Invisalign treatment length when discussing the treatment timeline with patients because the treatments will require refinements at some point.2
  • 73% of patients are interested in straightening their teeth with clear aligners if the treatment length is less than 9 months.4

Bring new patients to your practice and achieve greater practice potential by offering your clear aligner patients an accurate, high-quality solution with the appeal of shorter treatment times that they will want to say “yes!” to.


2. Independent third-party survey among 295 U.S. Clear Aligner Clinicians, 2020. Data on file.
4. Survey among 213 U.S. Adult Dental Patients who have not used clear aligners. Conducted by a third-party market research vendor, August 2020.

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